A base material must be chosen at some point early in the design phase of developing in-store marketing. The great majority of printed point-of-purchase graphics and retail signage are produced on either plastic or paper-based materials. Customers in need of printing services might benefit greatly from using plastic as the basic material. The following are some benefits of plastic printing:

A Long Life Span

Compared to any paper-based product, plastic as a printing base material has a far longer life expectancy. Many plastics are designed to withstand the abuse that retail applications bring. This is especially helpful in situations where the product might occasionally be handled or touched. If the signage will be out in the field for more than a month, plastic is strongly advised over paper or cardboard.

Climate Resistant

Weather resistance is well provided by plastic. Certain printing substrates, including paper, are extremely sensitive to moisture, UV light, and humidity. Unmatched durability is provided by plastic against a number of weather conditions.


Plastic first appears to be the more expensive choice. However, there are several unstated expenses associated with paper and other base materials, including laminates, additional mounting, and more regular replacement expenses. Plastic will ultimately seem more stunning and may ultimately turn out to be less expensive. A cost-effective option for a range of signage applications is plastic.

Clear Printing

The only substance that permits printing on translucent, clear materials is plastic. Plastic is a considerably safer solution for signage applications, even if the glass is frequently the first choice and idea. Only plastic can provide the strength, safety, and shatter resistance required for face shields and retail barriers for PPE applications. Plastic printing is stronger than glass, and materials like PETG are resistant to breaking.

Plastic Printing Applications

As previously said, plastic sheet printing can be utilized for a variety of purposes, from vehicle advertising to store signs. Advertising, instructional reasons, ornamental components, and other uses for plastic signage are found in all industries.

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