What Is Spotligh

The so-called spotlight is a kind of lamp that uses a reflector or a spotlight lens after three years to produce a kind of visible light. Therefore, the spotlight is also called a reflector. The spotlight is a relatively simple point-light lamp. The illumination intensity is relatively high, the illumination range is relatively narrow, and the light source belongs to a neutral light source. We often use spotlights in some studios, indoor studios, or some relatively large shopping malls, shops, etc. Among the spotlights, the most popular is the led spotlight.

Floodlights and Spotlights
Floodlights and spotlights have been a must-have for interior photographers for years. Today, many professional photographers switch to sophisticated strobe lights dedicated to indoor photography, but continuous floodlights and spotlights are still widely used. Beginners in interior photography should use floodlights and spotlights as their lighting tools of choice. The rationale is that you can see the lighting before you shoot, and the lights are cheap and easy to handle. Since you can see exactly what will appear on film in advance, you can undoubtedly move lights around or position your subject to get exactly the effect you want.
Floodlights and spotlights are powerful incandescent lamps that operate on the ordinary household electrical current. They look indistinguishable from household lights, but in reality, they emit more light, have less yellow light and have a much shorter lifespan.

Classification of Spotlights
1. Contour spotlight (modeling spotlight) - The structure of this spotlight can make the light around the projection surface strongly focused, and it is an indispensable lamp for tracking performers. This lamp is different from other spotlights in that it has two lenses, and is also attached with a light that can change the size of the projected light area and a light-cutting plate that can change the shape of the projected light.
2. Soft Light Spotlight - The light emitted by this light has a soft outline and can also make the performer look relaxed and is usually used in Fresnel lens spotlights.
3. Plano-convex lens spotlight - its light quality is soft but strong. Although the outline is clear, it is not focused on light like a contour spotlight, so it is also difficult to express it from the quality of the light, so it is generally based on its structure. Commonly known as a plano-convex spotlight. It has become the main lighting fixture for stage lighting, and it is also essential on the stage.


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